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Hunting Horse Gallery

"The Aristocrat"
Oscar Heyman Burma Ruby and Diamond Necklace
18K & Plat (16" x 13.5mm) w/ OHB Folder
Oscar Heyman
132R=81.80cts(GIA-Heat) + D=15.74cts

The Aristocrat

Hunting Horse Gallery
"The Countess"
Colombian Emerald and Diamond Earrings
Plat & 18K
E=4.46+4.34cts (AGL Minor Modern) + D=7.00cts app

The Countess

Hunting Horse Gallery
"Smooth Elegance"
Graduated Tanzanite Bead and Diamond Roundell Necklace & Earring Set
18K WG (18", 9.5-25.0mm)
Featured Jewelry - 43T=925.10cts + D=17.51cts

Smooth Elegance

Hunting Horse Gallery
"Noble Presence"
Fancy Light Yellow Diamond Earrings
Plat & 18K (19.5 x 17.5mm)
D=4.02+4.01cts (NFLY VS1-2) + D=4.93cts

Noble Presence

Hunting Horse Gallery: Mission

International Reach and Real Time Presentation both created within a private, personal forum allowing you the experience to acquire Hunting Horse Collections of one-of-a-kind art …which “Speaks to Your Soul”…. illuminating who you are…and, where you’re bound.

 HHG pieces are noted for their: Collection Potential, Formal Elegance & Classic Statement.

• Jewelry • Sculptures • Original Paintings • Pottery • Photography

Hunting Horse Gallery: Origin

The Hunting Horse Gallery is a vision from a Global Oil Industry professional who cut the “corporate cord” to create this unique forum, The Hunting Horse; a World Wide Gallery mission - bound to hunt the world’s markets for rare, one-of-a-kind collections, artist inspired to speak to our soul.

Peruse our collections then send us a note, and let The Hunting Horse….hunt for you!
Best Regards, Johnson…

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