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High Jewelry Global Gallery Colored Diamonds Precious Gemstones Private Dealer Savings Fine Art

Diamond Twilight


“Intense” Fancy Green – Diamond Earrings

Breathless One-of-a-Kind set of Intense Fancy Green Diamond Earrings. Entailing 5.05 cts of Fancy Green Diamonds Surrounded by .44cts of Pink Pave Diamonds and .70 cts of White Pave Diamonds. All Highlighted by Suspended 1.27 cts of matched White Diamonds. Set in 18k Yellow Gold and Platinum. App wts.

(Price Upon Request 214-784-1476)



Green Diamond Earrings……Your Soulful Collection


Green Diamond Earrings

The Aristocrat

Burmese Ruby and Diamond Necklace

(By Noted Oscar Heyman)

Stunning Ruby & Diamond Necklace comprising of 81.80 cts of Burmese Rubies enhanced with 15.74 cts of parred Diamonds crafted into a Regal 16” x 13.5mm Necklace. App wts.

(Price Upon Request 214-784-1476)


Regal Ruby & Diamond Necklace…….Your Soulful Collection

The Aristocrat


The Countess

Elegant Emerald & Diamond Earrings

Stunning 8.8cts of Columbian Emeralds surrounded by 7.cts of sparkling Diamonds

Set in Platinum and 18k yellow gold. App. wts.

 (Price Upon Request 214-784-1476)

The Countess Earrings…….Your Soulful Collection

The Countess


My Thoroughbred

Emerald Cut Diamond Ring - D = 13.16cts + 1.50cts + 1.42cts

(Price Upon Request 214-784-1476)

Emerald Cut Diamond.....Your Soulful Collection

My Thoroughbred


The Royals

Cushion Cut Burma Sapphire & Diamond Ring - S= 14.76cts  D = 13cts

Burma Sapphire & Diamond Ring.....Your Soulful Collection

The Royals

The Horse Hunts…For You. Benefits of a Personal Gallery Relationship

* Pieces Brought to Your Location * Extraordinary High Jewelry * Substantial Dealer Savings
* Custom Requests * Art Reports * Reports of Authenticity * RT & Private 24/7 Interaction

Global Reach of Collections & Admirers to 90 Counties & 90 Languages.  

Hunting Horse Invitation: New Discoveries “Art Report” (complementary)

The “Horse” will email our monthly Art Report of newly discovered pieces of recognized value.

(To receive our Art Report please send your contact information per form below) 

Hunting Horse Vision: Dealings of Honor & Integrity

The “Horse” is the vision of a corporate oil & gas professional who “cut the cord” to serve the professional admirer by hunting the globe for exceptional collections, offered at substantial dealer savings and proudly presented with integrity by gallery industry partners to honor our international clientele.

The H.H. Gallery is a real time forum reaching 90 countries in 90 languages as a uniquely designed private gallery, offering rare and extraordinary collections all recognized for their;

*Collection & Investment Potential *Formal Elegance *Classic Design

Please peruse our gallery pieces, enjoy the Art Reports and allow the Horse to hunt for you. 

Best regards, Johnson

Principal, Hunting Horse Gallery 

New York,
Santa Fe,
Houston & Globally


Hunting for the finer things in life. Let the Horse hunt for…you.

High Jewelry Global Gallery Diamonds Colored Diamonds Precious Gemstones Dealer Savings Fine Art

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